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About us - Tourist Attractions

Hey there! I am JAY behind this travel blog. I love to explore new places and meet new people. I started traveling mainly because of adventure, that is also my hobby. I want to become a full-time travel blogger. I want to tell peoples, how traveling is changing my life. Traveling learns you to love mother nature.

I have made this blog as my mission to share with my readers, about the best travel destinations advice, travel tips, the best time to travel, and more. Tourists who do not know which places are better for wondering or don’t know about new places or where to travel, for those people this blog is a perfect option.

What is Tourist Attractions about?

Tourist Attractions is a travel blog dedicated to travel lovers. Everybody loves to travel around the world so this website was created to tell them about my travel experience. After traveling to new places I write my travel stories in this blog so that travel lovers can read and informed about new places.

If you love to read travel stories then you will feel right at home here. It is a personal blog and it expresses personal opinions over every article published in this blog. This blog aim is to provide the latest information about the world’s tourism industries, new tourist spots, and travel news.

The journey of Tourist Attractions began in 2020 while I started writing my travel stories. I think my travel stories will help people to choose their next travel places. I have traveled to 13 countries already and I think travel makes people happier and teach peoples to love the world.

I hope you enjoy this site & gain valuable information. You can contact us at touristatractions@gmail.com.